Is it Possible To Always Get the Shot?

I spent Saturday by an Otter den waiting for them to come out. They didn’t. Wanting to still shoot but ready to call it on the Otters I then headed over to known Yellow Bellied Marmot spot to see if they would be more cooperative. They didn’t. Finally on Sunday I went down to the river to see if the birds would be cooperative. They weren’t. That is truly a skunked weekend. What do you do in that scenario?


If you have ever been in that scenario where there is no good alternatives left then you probably did what I did. You forced an image. After spending so much time out in the field with nothing to show for it, except that it felt good to go out, then odds are you ready to make any image happen no matter what. In that last instance I grabbed the D4 and 18-35 f/3.5 and walked over to the entrance road of where I had parked. I’ve often incorporated roads in my landscapes if they are interesting enough. They are a good lead in and can be an easy way for the eye to move through an image. As you can see sunset was boring but I had to make that click. This is what happens. Can you always get that shot? No, I don’t think anyone can get THE shot every time but everyone can get A shot every time. Even if it’s forced.

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