A Little Bit of Light in The Evening Thunderstorm

It’s gotten to be that time of the year where we start getting great thunderstorms rolling through in the afternoons in the Gallatin Valley. While this forecast does call for some snow this week, odds are it will turn to rain in the lower elevations and anything that accumulates will be gone in a day. Well over the next couple of months the weather will be some of my favorite to shoot in as the skies are always filled with drama.


Yesterday was lining up to be one of those evenings where the skies were great but not a lot of light popping through the clouds. That’s alright there doesn’t always needs to be lots of light to make a great shot. In the absence of light comes drama and that’s what the skies did. With the D4 and 24-70 this was one click while underexposing -2.0 stops. When you don’t have a great foreground or great light, just focus on the clouds.

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