Spring Storms

We’re getting into that time of the year when the great Montana Spring thunderstorms come through the valley and with them comes some truly beautiful photo opps. June and July are some of my favorite months for landscape photography because we get those sudden temperature changes that make for really dramatic clouds. Saturday was a rainy gloomy day but opened up in the afternoon. Sunday was even better.


Now I’m still getting used to the D5 and all it has to offer so when I went out working with the storms I was quite surprised and pleased with the results. The quality difference is quite amazing. It’s hard to see when you don’t shoot with the two cameras yourself but just like when I moved from the D3 to the D4, moving from the D4 to the D5 I can see the quality difference in the final image. One way I saw it was that I had less post processing to do when I got back. The D5 did just an amazing job capturing the light.

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