Fun Fishing over Memorial Weekend

With the week of stormy weather finally over, Memorial Day Weekend was looking to be a marvelous weekend to be outdoors. This time of the year can be difficult fishing due to the amount of mountain runoff from snow packs melting. But some stretches clear out faster then others and we found a great stretch on the upper Madison River where the water had the perfect murky color that allowed for enough visibility but not too much. A couple of my friends and myself went out for some pocket fishing along the river’s edge as we hiked 2miles up and 2 miles back catching anything we could.


The Madison River is known as a Blue Ribbon river which when you’re walking out there it’s easy to understand why. I honestly had a hard time deciding between shooting and fishing. For this kind of a trip I went with a basic setup of the D5, 24-70 AF-S and SB-900 Flash. Quick and simple for faster response to when a fish comes in. That’s key when working with aquatic species.


As you can see we had a pretty good time.


Best of all I got to use the D5 for the first time with fish photography and while I’m still getting used to the D5 and all it’s new abilities, I do like the results.

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