It’s all about Perspective

Ever since I started taking my camera with me while on my fishing adventures, I have come to not only really enjoy that type of photography but am also learning a lot. One of the nice things that I am learning about is how to better deal with mid afternoon light which is something that most of the time we avoid. The early morning and late evening light is always so nice that it begs the question why go out in the middle of the afternoon if you don’t have to? Well life still goes on in the middle of the day and you have to learn to work with it.


I was fishing on the Upper Madison by Quake Lake which is an absolutely beautiful area that I definitely will be going back to in the future to shoot. The possibilities there are just too numerous to count. The one thing that I really wanted to do while I was there capture that beauty while fishing and to do that I had to really watch the background. Now my buddy Dan was wearing a neon green shirt so he virtually stuck out anywhere. On the other hand my friend Taylor was wearing a simple light plad shirt which meant a darker background was ideal. The great thing about this canyon was being able to look down on everyone else which made it easier to isolate those color combinations. The goal being to be able to go wide while still being to see the subject.

Images Captured with Nikon D4, 24-70 AF-S, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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