The C-47 Skytrain

Since this week is honoring the 72nd anniversary of D-Day, it seemed appropriate to put up another post about the C-47, C-53, or DC-3. Without a doubt one of the most well used aircraft to come out of WWII the, DC-3 with all of it’s conversions made it such a versatile plane. Many are well versed in the plane mythology because the brave men that jumped out of them, portrayed in shows like Band of Brothers. But this basic and reliable design is truly a testament to the men behind it.


This particular plane belongs to Kermit Weeks at Fantasy of Flight, FL. When working with planes it’s important to go low and lookup to make the plane seem bigger and to capture more sky. Working with clean backgrounds isn’t always possible by getting low you can reduce the amount seen behind the plane. The rest you just have to do in post.

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