A Little Flying Over the Fourth

It was one heck of a good fourth here in North Dakota. Good Food, good friends and of course some flying. Now out here I’m never quite sure what is going to happen so I always have my camera with me in case something interesting happens. Well this massive thunderhead that was brewing all day turned into one amazing sky that evening. It just happened to do this right when the guys went up to practice their routine.


Shooting with the D5 and 200-400 VR, I was able to capture the beauty of the moment and this Aeronca Champion Model 7. Now the D5 has some amazing quality to it and shooting at this time of night required not only a fast shutter speed to get a sharp image while being slow enough to blur the prop. Using a combination of raising the ISO, lowering the shutter which increased the depth of field, and exposure compensation, this image was possible. While the plane wasn’t front lit there were still details that I wanted to capture.

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