Right Place, Wrong Camera

Have you ever been out shooting on assignment or a project, you get back and you want to go out again so you pack quickly and then as soon as you get to your next destination you realizes you grabbed the wrong gear? This usually doesn’t happen to me but it sure did yesterday. I was up at Flathead attending a friends wedding and shooting video for him and being me I was in one mind state the whole time. Then when I got home I swapped out gear and went fishing for a little while to relax. Well wouldn’t you know I grabbed the wrong camera body.


I ended up shooting with the D4 instead of the D5 which was in no way a life or death situation but I did have to think about what and how I was shooting. If you have been in this situation then you the surprise you get when you first discover your mistake but then you quickly start thinking, okay how do I get done what I need to now? It was a simple answer for me. Knowing what the subject was in this scenario it was a simple matter of adjusting my shooting technique to compensate for the difference. The D5 has better quality and better noise reduction then the D4 so I kept that in mind when I was shooting this spot at sunset and also when I finished the images in post.

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