The Vastness of Flathead Lake

This past weekend I was up at Flathead Lake attending a wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t get up north that often but I’m sure glad when I do. Flathead is enormous and literally can take hours to drive around. the evening produced some amazing skies and with the D5 and 24-70mm f/2.8, it was the perfect time for a Pano. This time I tried to different things to really make the clouds stand out, first I shot the whole pano vertically so that instead of being really long and narrow it’s really long and wide. This accentuate the clouds which is really what makes this more interesting. Secondly I used Dehaze in ACR globally and then again in a gradient filter on the clouds. Keep in mind when you use Dehaze you have to bring the saturation on the blues down. Dehaze worked great but if you really want to see the detail you have to click on the image.

Click the Image to make it bigger!

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