The Beginning of an Unfortunate Future

Today marks a small event in history that would later become a much larger one. On this day in 1941 the US Navy commissioned the Naval Air Station on Midway Atoll. A little over a year later on June 4 and 6 1942, the famous Battle for Midway was fought between the US Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy. It’s amazing how this island, less then 3 square miles big became such an important spot in the Pacific Ocean.


While the main battle for Midway took place in the ocean a ways offshore, the island was bombed heavily in order to destroy it’s mixed assortment of planes before a landing force could take the island. The pilots of the US Navy Aircraft Carriers did a tremendous job, as did those that flew off of Midway, beating back the Japanese forces. The SBD Dauntless seen here is one of two original SBD’s flying in the world. The SBD played a critically role against the enemy carriers. This particular plane is part of CAF Dixie Wing in Peachtree Georgia.

While Midway became famous for the battle, today it is famous for it’s diverse wildlife. Under the protection of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the 2.4 square mile island and surrounding lagoon was turned into a National Wildlife Refuge with over 590,000 acres protected. The bird species and sea critters are absolutely amazing while also being threatened due to pollution. If you are an aviation enthusiast, history enthusiast list or wildlife enthusiast then this definitely one place to have on your bucket list.

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