The Waco QCF-2

Today I thought I would talk about a classic antique airplane, the Waco. Specifically this is a QCF-2 which is kind of mid range designed between 1927 and the early 1940’s. Most were produced in the 1930’s. The F series was designed to beat the O series and were built by the Waco Aircraft Company. They were a private pilot plane which the company was trying to make available for three people, one pilot and two in tandem. The plane has become so popular that Waco Company is still building the latest version the YMF.


This particular example lives up in Minot, ND at the Dakota Territory Museum. It happens to belong to Warren Pietsch who flies it quite regularly. This past fourth of July it was brought out one morning and then flown later that afternoon. With the great lines and classic look it shines it flat and bright light.

Images Captured with Nikon D5, 24-70 f/2.8, 200-400 VR on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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