Breaking up Those Office Blues

It’s Friday and that means it’s the hardest day of the week to get anything done. I know a lot people feel Monday is that day but I tell you what, Friday is so much harder because all I think about is what I want to do over the weekend. How do you get past that feeling and get something accomplished? Real simple, pick up the camera and shoot a little.


Sometimes the best way to overcome a challenge is to do something else. Let’s face it, sitting behind a computer all day gets really boring and stagnant which often times leads to being unproductive. Instead of sitting there trying to fight it, pick up the camera shoot a little, have some fun and relax those brain muscles. Then when you’re feeling better go back and get the work finished. I took this quick shot yesterday during one of my slumps when staring at the Cyntiq was getting tough. Clouds outside looked interesting with some high wind action, so I picked up the camera and relaxed for a few minutes, taking in the beautiful scenery. You might now have quite the same option where you are at but hey it does help to just stop and relax instead of trudging on.

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