Early Bird Gets The Worm

Fall and Winter are two of my favorite times of the year but not for the reason most people think. I truly enjoy sleeping in making getting up for sunrise extremely difficult even though I know that getting up for sunrise often leads to better photographs. In Fall and Winter the days are shorter. Sunset is earlier and sunrise is later making getting up easier. Well Fall also brings in great storms, thus making for really interesting skies to work with. this past Saturday was absolutely gorgeous as the sunrise was delayed due to clouds on to the east but as the cleared those clouds the rest of the sky light up with basically god beams.


In all my years living here Bozeman I have not seen a morning sky like that. Naturally I was prepared for landscapes as I was about to go out fishing. Usually when I hit the water I take the 24-70 AF-S or 18-35 f3.5. But I was trying something new using the 85 f1.4. The longer range and narrower depth of field can make for some interesting images. However, for the sunrise it wasn’t quit what I needed. Nevertheless you have to make do or else you miss out.

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