A Second Look at Lookout Pass

Last week I posted about traveling through Lookout Pass on my way to Spokane. At the time there was a little bit of snow but much was still uncovered. Yesterday as I was driving home I stopped again and this time everything was covered. On top of the snow was the inters-percent light that hitting certain areas of the mountains and leaving other areas dark. The combination of the snow, the forest and the light just screamed black and white.


Now there were many ways that these images could’ve been taken. These both were taken with the D4 and 70-200 VRII but with the lack of man made structures around and every direction there was something interesting an 18-35 or a 24-70 would’ve been good choices also. The reason I choose the 70-200 was I wanted to again isolate the details on the mountainside. Those backlit trees really stood out at me and the one patch of trees getting hit by a spotlight was more interesting then the darkened forest around it. Those details could not have been captured using a wide lens only a long one. Keep in mind when I saw these images I was immediately thinking black and white so I knew how to finish them before I got to the computer. Knowing that is essential.

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