They Fly in the Snow

While the airshow circuit is done at the moment it is steadily gearing up for next season. The first airshow is the Cable Airshow at Cable Airport in Southern California in January. In the meantime we have to make do with the planes that are accessible. But what if you live in the north and can’t afford to fly down to more active areas in the south? The answer is, go commercial.


Planes continue to fly even in snowy conditions. The wind is always the biggest factor with second being visibility. As long as these two areas remain in decent conditions planes fly and photo opps can be made. While this image is technically a stretch since it is a privately owned plane, it does serve my point. When working with in these conditions it’s best to do two things, start researching when flights are coming in or going out from your local airport and find a good, preferably quieter, area to shoot from. Then take out your big lens and practice. It’s a good way to spend an afternoon especially if you have a photo buddy to go with you.

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