Having Trouble with Your 2017 Goals?

Every new year people make big goals that they want to accomplish and usually after a couple of weeks people are having trouble. Well today is the last day of the January which means a whole month of goals being met or broken is already up. If you’ve been making your goals happen then this post may not be for you but if you haven’t then keep reading.

The key to making your goals come true is to keep trying. It sounds cliche but sometimes the best logic is the old logic. Keeping your goals simple leads to a greater success of completion and then when one is done you start another small one, then another and you keep going. By the time the end of the year rolls around you’ll have accomplished a lot. In Photography this is especially true. You can’t just say, “I’m going to take the best shot of my life this year.” That’s a goal that is completely out of anybody’s reach but something simple like, “I’m going to shoot for a little bit each day or every other day or I’ll dedicate my Saturday to shooting.” Something simple that is achievable is the best way to success.

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