Actions are your Friend

There are many ways to speedup your workflow when it comes to post processing. One of my favorite ways is to use actions. In Photoshop, actions can be used to combine multiple steps into a single click of the button. These can be anything from applying a group of presets, a filter or different save settings. A good way to know if it’s worth making an action is if you are doing the same thing over and over again. Great example, every photograph I blog needs to go through a series of steps including bit size, color profile, image resize, watermark and saving. It takes way less time to make an action for all of that instead of doing it every time by hand.

Now I brought up actions because I recently had to redo mine. There’s one step inside each of my actions that I have to redo every year because of the date. Well that’s a lot of actions to completely rewrite. Well here is a handy shortcut. If you’re not in button mode then you can see all the steps in each action. Remove the section that needs to be replaced in one action and then highlight that new step. Go up to the top and click on the top right corner and a drop down menu comes down and in it it says duplicate. It will then duplicate that highlighted step or steps. Basically you can duplicate any step in any action and then move that step into another action. Once you duplicate, you delete the old step that the new step is replacing. This is a really simple and fast way to replace steps in actions without redoing the whole action.

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