Rock’N the P400

This little printer just keeps going. This year kicked off to a rather busy start and a lot of it had to do with this printer. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve printed out over a dozen prints for various projects and more seem to keep coming. It’s a great feeling when you make a print because it means someone enjoys your work so much that they want it hanging in their house.

The Epson P400 is the smallest in the Surecolor family and yet it does an amazing job. This printer is great for those that don’t have a lot of office space, don’t do a ton of printing and are still learning how to print. With a max size of 13×19 it’s the perfect little printer for any office. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it just does a great job. Minimal cleaning, no computer issues, just load and go. If you want to know more about this printer I suggest watching the video I made.

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