Get in Close

There’s a natural allure to big storm clouds for photographers. We are always trying to get dramatic and powerful images and big puffy storm clouds are natures way of providing that drama. The great thing about those storms are the multitude of ways you can compose to get a good photograph. One thing that I like to do is get in tight and convert to black and white.

This was a simple click with the D5 and 70-200 VRII. The clouds were moving fast as the winds were gusting, the only shot was this one peak. When the foreground sucks why include it? Get in tight and go for the area with the most impact. The peak with the clouds rolling past. Not only does the end result look better without the foreground but the storm looks massive because the mountain looks smaller. So going in tight with a landscape: scale of the earth becomes smaller, clouds look better, more impact and more drama.

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