A Must For Any Bag

If there is one universal truth to working in the field, no matter which field that is, it’s that camera gear gets dirty. We try our best but it ends up happening no matter what. Fingerprints, smudges, oil, sunblock or whatever it’s always something. Well when it comes to working with planes it’s usually oil, but the fastest way to make friends is to help out and that usually comes with the price of damaging clothing or getting your hands dirty. Literally. Well last year I was told about these wipes from my Dad and while I was skeptical, I can honestly say they do a great job!

Nikon Lens Wipes. Each one comes prepackaged, they are moist, they are a good size, nonabrasive and with a little bit of alcohol on each one. They are great simple solution when you are out in the field and need to clean the LCD, the front element, rubber hand grips, your sunglasses, etc. They are very universal and they do a great job. One VERY important note is, like any cleaning material, if there is sand or any form of hard substance on your camera or lens, blow it off before rubbing it because it can scratch that element.

The only catch when buying these is they aren’t always the easiest to find. Amazon is the best place to find them and you can usually buy them in a box of 200 or 2 boxes for a total of 400. They range from 9.99-29.99 but they are worth every penny.

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