Spring means Puffy Clouds!

Over this past week I’ve started to see one of the few things I look forward to every year. The return of the endless stream of puffy clouds. Between now and the end of May is puffy cloud season here in the Rockies and for a photographer they are just your best friend. Even if you aren’t into landscape photography, these kinds of clouds can be used as a background with any subject.

A number of years back I had the opportunity to work with some of the local F100 Super Sabre’s that are parked here in town and the sky then was just as gorgeous then as it was these past couple of days. Every element of a photograph gives off a certain feeling and puffy clouds during the middle of the day always emote good feelings because it takes you back to the time when you’re a kid and you played outside. They aren’t ominous or boring so that makes them interesting, but they won’t last. So if you’re going out this weekend be on the alert for those skies and a subject to put with them.

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