Precon 2017 was a Hoot!

Yesterday’s Precon was a blast. We went to Stallion 51 in Kissimmee and Stallion holds a collection of mustangs by some really nice people. Not only were they kind enough to pull out their two planes, both called Crazy Horse, onto the tarmac for the students to shoot static but also they let everyone work with the models inside the hangar where they were being caretakers of three more mustangs.

Between the planes and the models, Marissa and Terra, there was lots to work with and lots to learn at Precon. Terra here was one of our models and she did a great job. She was dressed like Rossie the Riveter and with the great hangar light, planes in the background and her facial structure it was an easy shot. Something everyone was taught to utilize more was how to capture the shots with making it harder on themselves.

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