Those Pockets of Light

Working a forest can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to show the whole forest in one image. The contrast between the darks and the lights can lead to an image where the subject matter is unclear. One of the solutions to make this scenario easier is to do a bracketed set and then merge in post to create an HDR image. This has been around for some time. With the power in ACR now in some scenario’s it is actually easier and less time consuming to do a single image and bring up the shadow content. Either way there is a solution to finish the image.

In this case I was focusing on the light coming through the trees creating those shadows. The subject really isn’t about the forest but just that little bit of light working its way through. Both were simple clicks with the D5 and 70-200 VRII and finished in ACR.

Either vertically or horizontally the story works because the subject hasn’t changed, it’s still the light. So when you’re working those forests really remember what the subject is and how the light is helping or not helping that subject.

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