Focus Forward

If you’ve spent time working waterways then at some point you’ve seen or heard one of these guys busily moving about. Marsh Wrens are really cool birds that are constantly on the move. They blend in perfectly with their environment and are built to go in between the reeds with ease. This makes tracking them difficult. The way I do it is either with a single point AF-S or manually focusing. The last thing you want when tracking through the reeds is too loose focus by accidentally focusing on a reed. Since my left hand is always on top of the 600f/4 for stabilization using that old fashioned system of manually moving and tracking the subject can help keep it in the frame. If you know where you want the subject in the frame using the single point AF-S and moving with the subject is the other way to do it. If you’re a Nikon shooter, using group or auto area AF doesn’t work. Remember these guys are smaller then a tennis ball, so keeping them in the frame takes practice.

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