Prints Are Memories

Prints aren’t just a great business tool for photographers, they are lasting memories they hang on our walls and get looked at everyday. With that in mind I give away a lot of prints. They are a business tool and one way to be remembered is to have a print on someone else’s wall. Last month at the 75th Doolittle Reunion I met Tom, and Tom was a tail gunner in the B-25G model, similar to this H model, which had a 75mm canon in the nose. Tom spent a lot of time around the B-25’s that day at Wright Patterson, climbing in and out of a few of the planes. After about 30 minutes of talking with him, I offered him some prints, to which no one ever had done before. He was ecstatic. It’s important as photographers to remember the impact your photos can have on others provided you share them. Disregard the cost and remember there is more to photography then just the numbers.

All prints made on the Epson SureColor P400

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