Wildlife Can Be Funny

Birds aren’t the only critters to work with in Churchill. We were constantly on the lookout for foxes, wolves, beluga’s and of course Arctic Hares. We saw over a dozen individuals, mostly crossing the road which they so often do. One individual came out at sunset and was quite cooperative. As the sun was getting low the light started to look beautiful on the Hare and the rock behind him. It also created a shadow, which he didn’t seem to like.

This was a simple shot with the D5 and 70-300 VR, handheld as we moved about the tundra working the subject. Wildlife can be really fun to work with because each subject is unique. Capturing that side is of the critter helps to tell its story. Even if that is a Hare big enough to beat up a fox, looking at its own shadow. Didn’t care about us, but was curious about the shadow.

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