Camera for the Candid Moments

Every photographer should carry around a portable camera that has the quality of their DSLR’s and the compact-ability of a smartphone. Smartphones have proven be a useful tool for us photographers because it gives us a quick way to take a picture of something we like. They also fit into our pockets which makes them convenient. Now all that is great until you take the image into post and while the file sizes have gotten bigger and quality is getting better, if you wanted to make a big print out of those files, you can’t. So is there a middle ground?

The middle ground is something like the Nikon 1 V3. Yes I know this is not a new release but it makes my point. Now I’ve been a fan of these little cameras since the Coolpix came out many years ago because of the simplicity. There are times when you just need that quick shot and you only have seconds before it’s gone. Or there are times when you want to be discreet and having a DSLR on your shoulder doesn’t work. That’s where these little guys are handy. There are many brands and many options now, I still prefer Nikon but that’s me.

Here’s a perfect example. I was out during the Salmon Fly hatch this past weekend and if you’ve ever experienced that hatch then you know how awesome these giant alien bugs are. Well they have no problem landing on you and my friend Dan wanted to make sure he went away with a shot of one on his face. Sure enough it happened, I grabbed the V3, took the shot and then the bug was gone. That quick, that simple.

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