Summer Fly-ins

Summer fly-ins are some the best entertainment you can find. They’re smaller, more intimate and you never know what will show up. Each one is a casual affair where everyone is there to enjoy the spirit of aviation. Now some of these events are invite only but there are many that are open to the public. The best way to find them is to look for events in your area either on facebook or online. You’d be surprised how many you will find.

The one piece of photographic advice I can give for a fly-in is to stay late. With airshows there is a time limit. The airshow will close at like 4 or 5pm and then the public is kicked off the field. This is due mostly for safety but also because most airshows are held at busy airports that shutdown for the event and then reopen afterward. Fly-ins are different. Most of the time you can stay late. Somebody almost always goes up later in the day when the temps cool off and the air is a little smoother during the summer days. A long lens can really serve you well during these times. So keep an eye out for these smaller gatherings and remember it’s about being friendly and having fun, not just business.

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