Pesky Fences

The hardest part about photography is getting past the mental and physical fences that block our creativity. No matter how hard you try they always seem to be there. The other kind that tend to always be in the way are the ones that are always seen behind an airplane. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have many images where there is a fence in the background. Sometimes there is no way around it and other times you can remove it in post. Out of those two options, I mostly recommend removing them. Why? Because those barriers give the wrong feeling when it comes to aviation.

Aviation is all about freedom of flight and having any sort of mental barrier come about from having an actual barrier in the photograph ruins that mental picture. I put up this image specifically to make that point. I couldn’t remove it here and the image feels grounded as a result. It’s a little thing but those little things do matter.

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