Big Storms, Big Drama

I always love chasing a good afternoon summer thunderstorm. Each one is different and each one can have some serious drama in the clouds. This brings up the old adage of the rule of thirds and a foreground anchor. Both of these are long held beliefs in the landscape world but both rules are easily broken when you start thinking more about the skies as the subject and not the earth.

This style is something my Dad had me start thinking about when I was younger and I still do. Thunderstorms are great examples because all you really want is the sky. The earth can be rather boring at times. So why have a log or rock as an anchor detracting from the gorgeous sky? Why worry about having a foreground, middle ground and background when 3/4’s of the photograph becomes a canvas of clouds? If you’re really trying to become better as a landscape photographer then you have to be willing to break your normal habitats and break the rules.

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