If You’re Going to Stop and Smell the Roses

Well frankly if you’re going to stop I would recommend a different Rose. These Thistle flowers are really nasty. After a handful of thorns from a fall, smelling them would be a whole lot worse. On the plus side they do make for a good foreground.

When it comes to working with flowers I have limited experience. Macro photography isn’t my strong suite but like most landscape images you want to remember lines and distracting elements. The whole point of stopping at a giant field of flowers is to show off the natural beauty of the world. It’s hard to do that is there is a trail in the middle of the field. Just three feet to my left is that trail. By simply moving my feet, not stepping on any flowers, I was able to hide that element. Staying planted is one of the worst things you can do with your photography and like this example, a few feet can often times make a dramatic difference.

Image Captured with Nikon 1 V3

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