Size and Color

Size is a hard element to communicate in a photograph but it’s very important to the subject to have some idea of the scale of that subject to the rest of the world. Size helps our brains connect with the subject. We are programmed to want to know that size is just like we are programmed to want to know about everything else in the world.

Fish are actually a great example because they come in many different sizes and you can easily make them look bigger or smaller just by changing the angle of the fish to the camera. This little Brook Trout was rather special because it’s not an every day catch. What really makes it special though is that color. Brook Trout are starting to change color as they go into spawning season and they become extremely vibrant. To capture the color while showing the size, I used the D750 and 24-70 AF-S with the SB-5000 for color. Then using my friend Al’s hand and the net as a prop you get that idea of scale. Scale and color are important elements that you need to think about when it comes to any area of photography and any subject because they do impact the overall story.

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