Fall Color isn’t Just in the Trees

If there isn’t enough reasons to be out everyday you can in the Fall then here’s another one. For those that enjoy the art of fly fishing and the photo opps that come with it, Fall is the epitome of seasons due to the transformation to spawning colors. Browns, Rainbows, Brookies and Cutthroats, while the exact time varies, change color. It’s spectacular show of color that can be matched only by the leaves.

Naturally I go out with both rod and camera or a chance to catch one of these species and for my friend Alex he got that chance. This is a spawning Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout which is listed as S2 in Montana as a species of concern. Between water temps, genetic hybridization and loss of habitat to other species as well as irrigation, both native Cutthroat species continue to face many challenges. It is a constant battle in the Yellowstone River because of the large and vast ecosystem under the water to manage the numerous species. When it comes to an important species for the files to showcase Montana, the Cutthroat definitely fits the bill. The important thing is always time. Be fast and be efficient so no harm comes to the subject. I prefer using something simple, like the D750, 24-70 AF-S and SB-5000. I can go wide and tight and get both a portrait and a detail shot down in mere seconds. A safe release after all is the best part.

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