It Only Takes One

It really does just take one image to make that whole time out with the camera worth while. When a storm is rolling through, dramatic clouds in every direction and the shots are plentiful then you know you have something good. But then they close up and that small window is gone leaving nothing but darkness, what do you do? You wait.

When it comes to working the clouds of a storm it’s a matter of hurry up and wait. You rush out to where you want to be standing and then you wait for that moment when the heavens open up. This particular evening it didn’t open up like I thought it would but what did happen was pretty amazing. With the D5 and 24-70 AF-S I blasted away. Everything from 24mm to 70mm to high speed crop I kept looking for that one shot. This one was close but still not quite it. In all honesty the only way to get the shot was a 360 because everywhere was dark except this one spot. That’s when it pays to be out with the camera.

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