Spot Lighting Works on Rapids

It’s great when everything comes together and you get that perfect amount of light coming through the clouds right on the spot you want it to. It never seems to happen when you want it to but every now and then the heavens smile on us. Well this was one of those moments where everything just kinda clicked, maybe it was just right place at the right time or maybe it was a reward for climbing up a cliff face. Who knows.

Rapids are a lot of fun to work with because you photograph them many different ways. You can use a fast shutter or a slow shutter, you can go tight and show just the water or really wide and show everything. You can go high and look down or get low and level with the river. Each way show another perspective which makes it fun. The two big things I look for is good light and a good anchor point. Now I don’t like using the word anchor because it gets used way to much with landscapes and often times those anchors suck but with fast moving water you need some sort of spot for the viewers eye to relax against because all that movement in the water makes it hard to look at the image for too long. Light is the obvious one since every good image needs good light but it’s always good to remember that element. Keep in mind also that everyone does long exposure moving water shots so try and be creative with yours.

Images Captured with Nikon D750, 24-70 AF-S, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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