A Day Not to Be Forgotten

Every year I talk about this day because it is one that must be remembered. Seventy Six years ago Pearl Harbor was attacked and in those few hours the fate for many was decided. It set this country on a course that could not be altered and for four years we fought for freedom. Today is a special day to honor and remember what happened on December 7th.

Of all the historic events from WWII this certainly is one that must people recall. The photographs from that day are erie to look at now especially if you’ve ever visited the islands and seen what it’s like today. A few years back I had that opportunity and it felt even erie’r.

The rusted mast of one of the USS Arizona’s stacks is all that can be seen above water. It’s a far cry different then the image seen of the ship taken on that fateful day. Under the water surface still lies the remains of the crew submerged inside the ship, another reminder of what’s not to be forgotten. Hopefully this post isn’t to depressing but it’s important to cherish what we have in this world as it came at a price.

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