Planes in Snow

Snow is finally coming down in Bozeman which is great since it’s been such a warm and wet Fall. Every year it seems different and I still say Bozeman is the one place where it can be raining, snowing, and sunny at the same time in the same place. Often that means it can be rather depressing with grey skies and similar photo subjects all the time so finding that little bit of pop can be really rewarding.

Now most people wouldn’t think about planes in snow because most plane owners don’t like bringing out their planes in snow but the photographs that can be made are often worth it. It all comes down to how you approach the mission. Snow is water and water and planes don’t mix. So if you are planning an outdoor shoot go for a day that’s going to be clear and if not stick around after and help wipe down the aircraft. Next keep it short. It’s cold and wet and while we have to stick it out to get the shots we need everyone else is usually there out of the generosity of there hearts. These shoots can and do happen up here in the mountains you just have to be respectful.

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