What’s Next With Your Photography?!

This is an important question that we must be constantly asking ourselves in order to grow. Now is a great time if you haven’t already since it’s a new year. If you don’t know yet what the next step is, then that’s okay. You’re not alone. Every photographer goes through it. But the challenge is how do you get past it?

The first step is to take stalk of what you have already done and accomplished. Look back at 2017, really study the successes and the failures, especially the FAILURES! No one likes to admit those failures but we have to. That’s how you grow. It sounds like child like logic but it’s true. If you want to figure out what’s next with your photography then start by turning your failures into successes and then applying those lessons to your next project. By doing so new avenues and new projects are bound to come up because now you are looking for those avenues that have yielded a success. The sky can be the limit if you just take the first step.

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