A Hurricane with the Hurricane

It was never as fast as the Spitfire, not quite as slick looking nor did it acquire the provenance like the Spitfire but the Hurricane was the RAF’s first single seat monoplane fighter. It gained fame during the Battle of Britain when it was responsible for 60% of the aircraft shot down. The Hurricane was exported to countries around the world for use by the allies. It was tough, rugged and reliable which made pilots fall in love with it.

In todays world, without the environment in which made this plane famous, how do you show the world in which it flew in? In this case it was a little bit of luck. While in Britain I learned that most people love having clear sky days but that’s never what we want as a photographer. On the last evening with the Hurricane the wind blew in one heck of a storm cloud and the light that caught it was amazing. It’s oh so rare to get the exact weather that captures the essence of the plane itself.

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