It Only Takes One Image


It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed in photography when it comes to the need of having lots of photos. The more time you spend in the business the more you realize that you need images for so many little things and it sucks when you just don’t have them. So what do you do? You go out in the field and take a chance to see if you can find that image to fill those gaps in your files and often time you come up short. That’s the reality of this game. But that’s when you have to tell yourself, “I only need one good image.” One image that makes you smile.

I was at the eighth annual memorial day parade here in Bozeman and went there with no expectations, just a camera in hand. I’ve photographed it in the past with some results but nothing wow and again I didn’t get a wow shot. But I found one that made me smile. This little kid was waving at everyone that went by and everyone kept waving at him. It was just kinda cute and kinda fun.

That’s what you gotta do though. Keep going out, keep looking for that one shot and come back with one that makes you think it was all worthwhile.

Images Captured with Nikon D5, 70-200 VRII, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film


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