Some Goldeneye Action

As I mentioned last week I was enjoying using the Nikon Z6II and 24-120z lens while working with some patches of ice on the Madison River. Well, the ice wasn’t my only subject I was working on the river that day. Now I’ve seen lots of waterfowl on the water when I go out but I’ve never seen this many Goldeneye in the Beartrap Canyon before. It was a very warm almost spring day in February so maybe that’s why but I wasn’t complaining since they were somewhat cooperative. Being in a heavily trafficked area this flock of ducks was pretty workable from the bank but as you can tell I only had one lens so I made lemonade out of lemons and use the light in the background to be as much of the story as the ducks are as opposed to trying to get closeups of the Goldeneye. It’s like a wildlife landscape piece all rolled into one.

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