B&H Photography Deals

B&H has some huge savings starting right now on a variety of different camera gear. The savings don’t last long as the offers expire Wednesday at 11:59pm EST. If you got new gear over Christmas but need that one other little item to augment your camera bag or if you got a gift card then you might want to check out whats going on at B&H.


B&H Bundles on Nikon Gear

Going on right now and lasting through November 21st, are some great bundling deals on Nikon products at B&H. If you’re looking to upgraded, by a gift for a friend or even just enjoy looking and drooling, admit it we all do that at times myself included, then you might want to click the link to see what’s available.

B&H Bundles

B&H Savings on D750 and Bundles

B&H announced today some savings on the D750 body only, D750 plus 24-120mm lens and bundling options with other Nikon camera bodies. If you’re looking to upgrade and are considering one of these cameras or lenses then it might be worth looking into. Just passing on the heads up to help with your photography.

D750 savings
The D750 body only and the D750 with 24-120mm
bundle savings
Some other great offers for Nikon Camera Bodies and bundles.

Huge B&H Savings

Hey quick thought that I’m sure most have already heard about and if not then here ya go. B&H is having a huge sale on Nikon gear. It lasts through the end of the month. Their offices are closed due to a holiday this week but are open again on Sunday, September 8th. That’s gives you the rest of the week and the rest of the month really to see what’s going on and if there is anything you absolutely can’t live without.

Nikon rebates

Check It Out!


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