Never Something to Put off

This is probably the one area that drives me nuts, simply because I don’t know enough. There are experts in this field but even they don’t seem to know it all. Why is that? Because everyday it changes. I’m talking about computers. In today’s world they are incredibly important to keep up with however frustrating they might be at times. With so many different programs, utilities and for most of us photographers, hardrives, keeping up with general maintenance is a must. The best advice is to keep up and always be checking for improvements.


Computer Maintenance

Technology has always played an important role in society. Although not always thought of as technology inventions like the wheel, the plow, or even a toothbrush have changed the way we have lived our lives. In today’s world computers are the biggest technology and every day they become more sophisticated and useful. This constant upgrading raises the question of how do we keep up with it all?

A good friend of mine is currently staying at my place and as become common i was asked to help clean up his computer. A couple days prior his internet stopped working which is a very common thing to have happen and I am sure anyone reading knows how frustrating that can be. I spent an hour going through his computer, every basic thing i could think of, until finally I came to realize that his machine was a mess. Between no firewall, no antivirus scan, no spamware, and no app data folder, still trying to figure that one out, the mess seemed endless. I asked him what he uses his computer for to which he replied, “just the internet.” I told him about all that i found out to which his only reply was, “I didn’t know about that.” All of this got me thinking about how some people still don’t know the basics of good computer maintenance and how shocking that is. It’s understandable for generations that didn’t grow up with computers as a common item but for those of my generation it’s just shocking. One would think that whatever technology is the most influential and most consistent that they would learn as much about it as possible, for the shear sake of making their own lives easier.

Computer Maintenance

Ah the joys of being in the technology age. We have smartphones, amazing cameras with unbelievable light sensors, safer cars and of course Ipods of all your listening pleasure. How could we survive without some of these now considered “necessities.” Of course everything we use to do this work is run primarily by computers and every now and then they have to get upgraded. Hurray! That was my fun this past weekend.

Yes I know it seems like an odd thing to blog about but then i never considered myself normal. I spent most of Sunday working on upgrading my three computers so that they run as smooth as they possibly could. Why spend the time and upgrade the computer systems you ask? Well it’s quite simple. They are expensive machines, machines that need to last and if some engineer gets paid to make a new bios, or video driver to speed up the machine then heck it’s probably going to be a good thing to update. Is it time consuming and boring, yea. Does it help, yea it makes everything go smoother and that’s always good. If you any of you are Mac users out there and saying yea that’s just a Dell issue well you know what I have to say, I had to download the IOS for my iPhone too and that took much longer than any Dell update. Works quite nicely too. The moral of this lesson is, “don’t put off updating your equipment!”

The Need for Power

The need for power has been longed for in every field. With it comes more options, more possibilities and more potential. But man does it come with a new learning curve. Recently i received a new computer, due to one of mine going down. Instead of a notebook like I’m used to working on, i went with a tower, Dell T3500, for serious processing. O boy is it fun. Running multiple external hard drives, Cintiqs, and being able to use CS5 a whole lot quicker than before. As i said though it came with a new learning curve. Windows 7 is all new to me, because for the longest time I’ve been using XP. O boy new windows fun to learn, and i was just getting used to XP. Can’t compare with the speed, means more time for shooting.

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This image was one of the first processed by my new comp along with the ones with the PT-22 Recruit. These big bad boys didn’t require too much time to work with but the PT-22 did. I can honestly say that they were finished faster than if i had worked on them with my notebook. But then that is expected with 3 times the ram, 1 Tb of hard drive space and of course 64bit, which I’m also not quite used to. New toys, new things to learn, new fun.

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Images captured with D3, AF-S Nikkor 24-70mmf/2.8, on Lexar UDMA Digital Film

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