Nikon D4 For Sale

Life is certainly interesting as it keeps changing. I remember a couple of years ago when I first got my D4 and what a big deal it was. Of course at the time I was still very much in love with my D3, until I saw the difference in quality. Now the time has come to change again this time to a D5. In accordance with that I am selling my backup D4 body.

Sold D4

I have had this D4 for almost two years. It has been my backup D4 body over that time so it has seen very little use. It has 95,461 clicks on it. There are two small marks on the body, one 3mm nick on the command dial and a 1cm scuff on the top. Otherwise it is in very good shape. The D4 comes with the following items:

D4 number matching box
1 ENEL-18A Battery
1 brand new DK-17 Eyepiece
1 BF-1B Body Cap
1 Hoodman Hoodeye Eyecup
1 Dual Slot MH-26 Battery Charger
1 battery safety cap when not in use
2 USB Cables
1 Nikon D4 Strap (never used)
1 16GB XQD Sony Card
1 New Lexar USB 3.0 XQD Card Reader
All the Manuals and Software

Everything will be shipped in a well packaged box and shipped with FedEX. The price for everything is 2,495.00 and that includes shipping. This is a great camera body and I would love to find it a great home! If you have any questions please call me. Thank You!

As a revision to this post. My D4 has been sold. THANK YOU to all those that contacted me about it.

Back From the Cleaners

Yep it’s that time of the year when the annual cleaning and repair happens. You know I never understood why people are afraid of doing this but like any other tool you have to take of your camera gear. It’s too important not to take proper care of and if you are a more clumsy person like me then you are going to have to send it in a little more often. Sure it can become more expensive but then again it is also a write off. Beginning of the year is always a good time because then it is done and out of the way before the busy months get going. Now I’ve gone through Nikon Repair several times with multiple pieces of equipment and have never had any problem. Being an NPS member does help but in the end it’s about taking care of your gear.


Making the best with what you got

There is a lot of talk right now about some of Nikon’s new cameras, the D4, D800 and D800E. Like the rest of you, I went and read the specs on these cameras and was quite impressed. They all sound like very good pieces of equipment. Also like some of you I am not in the position to purchase any of these new toys. Does that bother me? No.

Three years ago I made the switch from my D2Hs to the D3. Both cameras do a great job, the D3 does a better job. The 12.1 Megapixel FX format is far better than the 4.1 Megapixel DX format of the D2Hs. You might be saying,”yea that’s a no brainer, why are you talking about this?” It’s quite simple. Every day a new piece of technology comes out that is better. That’s the way the world works now. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy it. It’s an argument that I’m tired of hearing that you always have to have the newest. Well the newest is not always going to be new. If you have a camera that gets the job done and the results that you want then that’s all that matters. Would I like a D4 to play with? Sure who wouldn’t. If I get one does that mean that I’m going to stop using my D3 I bought, no. The D3 came out in 2007, the D3x and D3s came out in the two years that followed all still good camera bodies, all worth the price.

Images courtesy of Nikon Press Room.

Not in the bag but always good to know more about: Nikon D3s and Nikon D3x

It’s New, It’s Shinny, and It Smells Good

Yep after much anticipated waiting the Nikon D4 has been released and with it a whole new series of images. It’s pretty darn cool how fast these new products come out nowadays, but it also leaves one feeling left in the dust. I know personally that this is one camera body that isn’t going into the camera bag. What did he say?! That’s right even with the greater ISO, better Pixel Ratio than my D3, and 1080hp video capability it’s still not the tool for me and here’s why.


It comes down to the price. The 6k price tag represents a large investment, an investment that right now is better used to go travel and make more photographs then it does to buy gear. The tools in my bag are fine for the moment, and for a lot of those a bit newer in their careers that’s something to be aware of. Something to always be thinking about no matter what the gear is, is where does the investment pay off? I guess you could say I’m like my Dad in that respect, for he had a similar viewpoint.

Now I have no doubt that this is a great camera, and if you have watched some of the videos or images put out there already then you know it is. Corey Rich is definitely one I like and I have to Thank Dad for showing this one to me. I would love to play with one if the opportunity comes up, so hopefully my Dad will be nice and let me try it out at some point. Who knows things might change and the need arises to purchase one, not always knowing is part of the game. For those of you who already know that this is the camera for you or if you just didn’t get everything you wanted this last holiday season you can check out more HERE.

Images courtesy of Nikon Press Room

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