A Day Never to Be Forgotten

Every year I talk about this day because it is one that must be remembered. Eighty-one years ago Pearl Harbor was attacked and in those few hours, the fate of many was decided. It set this country on a course that could not be altered and for four years we fought for freedom. Today is a special day to honor and remember what happened on December 7th. Of all the historic events from WWII, this certainly is one that most people recall. The photographs from that day are eerie to look at now especially if you’ve ever visited the islands and seen what it’s like today.

The rusted mast of one of the USS Arizona’s stacks is all that can be seen above water. It’s a far cry different than the image seen of the ship taken on that fateful day. Under the water’s surface still lies the remains of the crew submerged inside the ship, another reminder of what’s not to be forgotten.

A Day in Infamy

78 years later and we still remember that morning when a surprise attack of Japanese aircraft bombed Pearl Harbor and effectively pushed the United States into WWII as an allied power. Many men lost their lives that day and hundreds of thousands more would perish in the years to come. We remember today, not in anger but to learn the lessons of our past and avoid making the same mistakes in our future.

A Week of Remembrance

This has been a week of remembrance indeed. Firstly, former President George H. W. Bush was laid to rest after his passing last Friday. Then, today, we mark the seventieth seventh anniversary of Pearl Harbor. The events that took place day changed everything for this country, for the world and for the former President who eventually flew TBM Avengers in the Pacific. It is important that we remember and honor these people and days as we continue forward in life.

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