Printing Tip

Here’s a quick tip to help with your at home printing. If you haven’t used your printer in a while then there is a chance that one of the nozzles will get clogged. Now the nozzles can get clogged at any point and in reality it’s not some giant rock that’s usually the culprit. It’s often times some little piece of dust or dried ink. The instructions say to remove the clog to run the cleaning utility. However if you do this then the printer will suck in air through the nozzles to try and get them clean. In doing whatever is clogging the hose won’t be gotten ride of just pushed deeper inside. The trick to removing a clog is to print. If you just print then you force the clog out. Don’t use the best paper to do this, just grab the cheap stuff and print. It’s saves you in ink and time.


The Epson P400 in Review

Since November I have been printing with the Epson P400 seeing just what that printer can do. After having done multiple prints on a variety of paper, I am finally comfortable with talking about the printer. Now it might not seem that way in the video but I actually really do like this printer. This is my first video and probably won’t be the last on my site but here are my thoughts on the Epson P400.

The Epson SC-P400 has Arrived!

I’m quite excited about this new printer that just showed up in my office! The Epson SC-P400 was just released this past month and I can’t wait to start printing. The P400 has some great new features including orange and red ink cartridges, dedicated matte and photo black channels and a high gloss optimizer which I’m looking forward to testing. It’s small, high quality and is going to be great to work with. Safe to say what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.55.00 PM

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