It’s Done!!!

Finally! After a week of dealing with selection, finishing and FTPing, I can proudly say that the last of my Galleries are updated. The last two big ones, Performers and The Shed, have now been updated with a combine total of 21 planes and over 500 images! That means in this entire updating process I have put up over 1,100 new images in my Gallery. And yet there is always another blog to do. If you go to my Gallery now you will also see that the old page, The shed, has been broken up. The way I see it, as my air park grows and fills with new aircraft, I’ll have to continue building more sheds to house all the planes. On each page now is 20 aircraft along with a way to get to the next page. As always the navigation on the left upper corner is still there. Enjoy.

The First Shed
The Second Shed

On a last personal note, for those of you out there that come to this site as an aviation enthusiast and as someone who recognizes that some of these aircraft, pilots and both are no longer with us; it is not for shear business reasons that I put up images of those planes or people, but more as a way to keep their spirits alive. As Robert Odegaard said, “these planes are for everyone, the photographs should be too.”

Blog Improvement

As time goes on the need for improvement grows. Everything from camera gear, to websites and even knowledge must change. For some of us it takes more than others to make these changes but it happens nonetheless. Three years ago I had no idea what i was doing when I agreed to start a blog. If you look back at any of those posts now, they appear quite humorous, at least to me they do. But since the beginning little improvements have been made here and there to what it is today. This past weekend it was time for another improvement.

Saturday I had an idea for starting a new Gallery that would be more efficient then the one i already had up. There are several changes the biggest being more images to view and more clicking required to navigate through. To an extent this is an experiment, one of which I’m in favor for. I felt that the old system of just a drop down menu wasn’t working because there was no images to see. Since I am a photographer it seemed a prudent change. I opened up the comments on this one to see what you think of this change. Is it really an update or just a new cover to the same book?

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