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The more I work with aviation and other photographers, the more I have come to learn that it truly is one community. For those involved it is not only a privilege but also a joy to work with a part of history. It is therefore a goal of mine, as it should be with everyone, to try and give back even with something as simple as knowledge. For the last year I have been a part of ISAP which has been a great way to meet a lot of Aviation enthusiasts. It also provided me with an outlet to share some of the skills I have picked up.

November Issue

December Issue

For the last couple of issues I have been able to write a couple pages about simple techniques that can make a big impact on one’s photography. In general they are rather simple lessons but it is often those simple ones that can yield the greatest results. It may not seem like much, I mean one page and a couple images, nothing getting bought. However, you never know when a simple contribution like this can make a difference to someone else with a question. That’s why implore others to take the time and contribute to those small communities.

Check it Out!

Well I never like to brag about places I get published in but I thought i would bring this one to your attention. I just got the “meet the member” section of ISAP’s latest newsletter. ISAP stands for the International Society of Aviation Photographers whose goal is to bring attention to the public not only the various aircraft that exist but opportunities to work with them. It is a group of individuals completely varying in experience, from Pros’ to enthusiasts.



I am quite excited about this piece, it is the first of many meet the member spots i hope to get. The story is about starting off in aviation photography, what it’s like, how it happened, and truly the joys that can be found. If you’re interested in aviation or curious about how easy it is to get started then check it out!

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