Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, with Passover tomorrow and Easter on Sunday. For some this is a very important holiday with time being spent with friends, family and church. While it is not a federal holiday some states do recognize it and shut down certain functions and facilities accordingly. You might be wondering why I bring this up?

Well as a photographer churches are very interesting subjects to photograph. The lines, the geometry, the stories and of course the light make cathedrals very fascinating. Since some of you will probably be spending some time this weekend in such a place you might consider how you can take a photograph while still being respectful to the church and your fellow congregation.

This photograph of Kings College Chapel I took with the Nikon 1 V3. It’s quiet, small and is non disruptive to everyone else around me. It makes for a perfect camera for these kind of moments. Now everyone has another method for taking these kind of photos called their phones but as I’m sure some of you have experienced phones can be considered rude.

If you don’t have a small personnel camera like the V3 then your best bet is to take your photos during the times before and after services where no one will mind and if someone does say something, just be polite. Kindness goes a long way.

Kings College Chapel

You can’t go to England and not see some of the amazing architecture that the country has to offer. Much like when you come to the US and you want to visit all the National Parks. Well there are churches and chapels everywhere in England and to try to see them all, I imagine, would take a lifetime but I did get to spend some time in Kings College Chapel in Cambridge.

Kings College Chapel was started in 1446 and took over a century to finish. It has the largest fan vault in the world and is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture. When you stand inside you are star struck. The immense detail in every nook and cranny of that building is unbelievable. If you’re a macro photographer you would be in pigs heaven but you might never get the job done because there is so much. While I was standing there taking pictures I was thinking about one major element. Symmetry. I took this photograph many times making sure I had everything as level and symmetrical as I could. It’s very difficult when you’re inside buildings trying to get everything straight and you can’t use a tripod. Be smart, raise your ISO high enough so that you have a decent shutter speed, make sure you shoot closed down a little bit like f8 or f11 to bring out more depth in the details and hold still. Take lots of photos just in case. Now if you google this chapel you’ll find lots of photographs that look just like mine but I don’t care. This was an important memory and I wanted to capture it.

Image Captured with Nikon 1 V3

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