Why we Buy the Best

One of the worst feelings to have in this profession is to have a piece of invaluable equipment go down when you’re on a shoot. On the very last day in Mala Mala my 128GB CF card went down and I couldn’t fix it in the field. I was not happy. I was quite grateful that I had brought so many spares and that the heavy days of shooting were behind me even though I had five more days to go until I came back home. Well my Dad always said we get the best so that if something does go wrong it can be fixed. That’s why I have always stuck with Lexar.


After I got back home I had only a few a days before going down to Houston and then it was back to the office. As soon as it was I sent that card out to their support teams and sure enough a replacement came a couple weeks later. Now I still don’t know what happened to make that card unreadable in everything I tried it in, but at least there wasn’t anything on it at the time. But when you are out in the field photographing something once in a lifetime, like these endangered Wild Dogs, you need something reliable and I can honestly say they are the best!

Load up the Lexar Cards!

You might be seeing this and thinking to yourself, “that’s a lot of Lexar cards!” Well you’re right it is a lot but that is all part of the prep work. When prepping for any trip you have to keep in mind what projects you will be working on and what you will need to accomplish those projects. For the 22 days that Brent and I will be in South Africa we will be working on numerous video projects, most importantly the humanitarian work with Red Rover Ventures. Not to mention the numerous articles that will amount from the stills taken. In other words we will be busy with lots of work and not knowing how much time for uploading we will have means taking a lot of cards.


A couple of things to keep in mind is that weight is a factor everywhere we go so having more cards isn’t as viable as having bigger cards. Even though they are small the weight does add up. Size also plays true since Brent and I will be shooting with the D4, D4s and D810 stills and video. That means XQD cards and SD cards. Thanks to the help of our dear friend Jeff over at Lexar we are able to get a few more items to help the two of us out. Although I will be primarily shooting with the 128GB CF and 64GB CF cards, I will have plenty of 32GB CF cards in my card wallet.

Now for those of you who looked closely at this image you might have noticed the orange faced card at the bottom left corner. That is an old 8GB 133x card from my collection. Why put it in there? To add dramatic effect to the need of proper equipment and planning in a single image! I’m not really going to take 5 8GB cards or even the 16GB cards. 🙂

The Cards and Readers

Just as important as it is to have a good reliable camera body, it’s just as important to have good reliable flash cards. Now I’ve always been a Lexar fan, one of those things that Dad introduced me too early on. A couple weeks ago when I was down in Chino for the Planes of Fame Airshow, I was putting the D4 through it’s first real airshow test. It was one heck of a test. Everything from extreme heat, to long hours turned on, and best of all non stop flyby plane action. I mean at the end of the weekend I had over 10,000 images to go through and it was only two days long! The planes just never stopped. Which is part of the reason that this show is ranked among the top ten Warbird shows every year.


Now that Lexar 128GB CF Card is pretty awesome! Word of warning though, if you fill that card and go to upload it, make sure you have enough hard drive space. Now with planes I always shoot in raw, not raw + jpeg because I know I will end up in post working on something. Which means that that card could hold a whole lot more images before having to swap out. Now just as important as the cards are the readers. With these newer cards you gotta upgrade the readers. They just do a better job and as I have found out the USB 2.0 Dual slot reader doesn’t work with all the new cards. So get the 3.0 reader. And for any of you D4 owners out there and have the XQD cards then you need the Lexar XQD reader. These two are small, light and do a great job.

Fast Cards are as Important as Fast Bodies

I talk a lot about my travels and especially the shooting adventures from those travels. Well there is one thing that I don’t talk enough about and it is one of the smallest pieces of tech I carry with me in the field and is probably the most important, flash cards. It’s an amazing piece of technology when you consider how much storage space is on each of those little pieces of metal. Not only that but how important it is to have good ones. I have always used Lexar Flash cards in all of my cameras. They simply are the best. When I upgraded to the D4 it was with no question that new cards were a must. The file sizes would just eat up any small cards. The 64gig 1000x CF cards rock! There fast and dependable which is what I like. For when in that moment that you need that combo you don’t want to be left out.


Last week when I was down in Yellowstone photographing Bison in the snow, I wasn’t worried about getting that image. I knew by waiting with the D4 and 200-400VR, that this female would eventually turn her head and the moment would be captured. When I got home, I uploaded the cards with the Lexar 3.0 Reader and in a couple minutes there it was for me to enjoy. If you haven’t checked out there line yet then you really ought to.

800x Lexar Cards are here!

As we all know speed is crucial. When it comes to getting images uploaded, filed, processed, and sent out to the client the faster the better. Clients are always happier and you look like a hero. Speed is important in the photo business and it starts in the camera.

B&H just got in stock the new 800x Lexar Flash Cards perfect timing for the up coming holidays. Having used the 600x cards for a while now and previously the 300x cards I know there is a difference. When it comes to reading and writing you just can’t beat the speed. Faster machines means only one thing more time behind the camera! Check them out.

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